Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy

Between catching up at work and joining the Mystery Stole 2 knitalong, I have had my hands full just trying to keep up. I am knitting the Mystery Stole in Ruby Zephyr. I'm not sure that I am crazy about this color, but I have finished both sides of Clue #1 and if I'm still not crazy about the color when I am finished with the Stole, I can always dye it black. I decided to try knitting a Stole because as you can see in the Opera pictures below, I am wearing a shawl (triangle) that was Mystery Shawl #1 and it is beautiful and I love it, however I just think I would be more comfortable in wearing a stole. So we will see, the verdict is still out.

While I was in Santa Fe, Grant learned how to ride a bike without training wheels... finally! And on Saturday, he rode in his first BMX race. To say the least I was a little nervous about how this was going to go, but he did fine. As a matter of fact, he won a 2nd Place trophy, not bad for his first race and only riding a bike for about a week! Yes I'm a proud Nonnie...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Carmen Who?

Eric and I had a wonderful time with Gretchen and Norm at the opening night of the Santa Fe Opera (an annual event for the four of us). Every year we attend this event Eric sports a hat created for the occasion. These hats are usually the brainchild of Gretchen who has an inspired muse. This year was no exception; Gretchen’s creative genius led us down a road that turned out to be loads of fun. Her inspiration for this year’s opening night hat was this, you guessed it… Carmen Miranda the samba queen!

Which is only fitting since the opera was Carmen. She began collecting fruit for the creation a year in advance. With everything that she had collected and several trips back and forth to the local Hobby Lobby (craft store) and Dollar Store, a couple gazillion sticks of hot glue, and an upside down wicker basket, we were able to put together a creation that even the real Carmen Miranda would have been proud to wear. This was the result of our creative efforts

Eric took it for a test ride as we put on a few finishing touches….

And then Ta Da…. His opening night debut!

To say the least it was a hit, the minute it hit his head, the photographers were all over him and yes we made the front page of the Albquerque Journal… again!

And last but not least, we can't forget the opera mask craftyness...