Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pretty as a picture

Garden Sun Hybrid Tea Climber from Mielland International. This rose was free, given to us from the nursery where we buy most of our roses… beautiful apricot color, nice smell.

Miami Moon, Floribunda by Tom Carruth. Planted in September 2004 it is an orange-pink blend with beautiful flowers.

I was playing with the macro setting on the digital camera and got this picture with the sun shining through from behind. This is a Robusta a Hybrid Rugosa by Kordes from Germany. Planted in September 2004
Our Lady of Gudelupe

These are just a few of the roses that we have, there are so many that I can’t post all the pictures and of course there are the other flowers that go with them…

And the sweetest of them all…. my Dr. Suess Grant rose

and Zach the BMX King! Well, soon to be king. This was his first official BMX race. He won a third place trophy, not bad for his first try.

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