Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer of lace and roses...

Another opera came and went in July and still no pictures, shame on me. This has been the summer of lace. I knit the Mystery Stole 3 project and I love the design, but wish I had knit more repeats to make it longer. I haven't taken any good photos of it yet. I will post pictures when I do. It is hard to get my photographer enthused, he can be so temperamental. I also knit Triinu Adreassen's shawl pattern and for this one I have pictures:
This was knit using Hand Maiden Silk Lace using a 3.5 mm (US 4) Addi Lace needle in a color called Pale Pink. The color inspiration for this shawl came from the photographer, who one day said "I think you should knit this shawl in that color" and pointed to the Angel Face rose (which smells like heaven, I might add) the one pictured in the first two photographs. I found this yarn at and the colors are glorious. Although it appears to be solid, it is not. It has subtle color variations that are magnificent, Hand Maiden does a wonderful job with their colors. This was a very fast knit, I didn't write down the dates, however it seems to me that it only took a few weeks to finish. I love the way this one turned out and I love the way the silk drapes. This was my first experience knitting with silk yarn and I love it. The pattern was a bit of a problem and quite expensive, but that's a whole other story that I won't get into right now. For anyone wanting to order this pattern, you can email Triinu at with Shawl Pattern in the subject line. She will email you a PayPal invoice (I think the price is $33.00 US for this pattern). After payment is made, she will mail the pattern (it took about one week).

Other exciting news on the knitting front is that my sister Brenda came for a two week visit and she did her first cast-on! Woo Hootin Hoo! Another knitter in the family will be fun.

This one's for you Brenda, Betty Boop in all her glory..


knitabulous said...

Brava brava brava - an opera-etic standing ovation - beautiful work. I love the colour especially, and the polite way you gloss over the infamy of the pattern. All class.

Sandra said...

Where can this pattern be purchased? (Triianu Andressen Shawl)
Your version was just incredibly beautiful. The color was marvelous and the knitting just amazing. I love the border. Would love to purchase the pattern, but googling found nothing?


Bonnie said...

If you would like to order the shawl pattern you need to email Triinu at: with Shawl Pattern in the subject line. She will send you a PayPal invoice. After I paid, the pattern arrived in the mail within a week.


BrendaG said...

Did Betty Boop get to make the move with you guys?
I had to set a google account to be able to do this... My poor brain ain't gonna be able to keep all this info stored! YOU know how I am.


Bonnie said...

No, Betty Boop didn't get to come with us. Actually none of the roses got to come with us which made me more than a little sad:-(

Hümeyra`nın Güncesi said...

beautiful shawl

I'm sorry no paypal invoice....