Sunday, June 28, 2009

And the beat goes on...

How many more members are those whack jobs going to ban before they fall down drunk with power. I expect this kind of behavior from both Casey and the Bunkerboard's female counter part (aka: Casey II). They honestly think it is within their POWER to control who you associate with. But I really did think a few in the group were a little more intelligent. Guess I was wrong again.

A word of advice from a very wise person: "too much daily fiber will make you stupid and/or paranoid".

June 29 ETA: I think they are serving Cherry flavor today!


Tammy said...

It only confirms my longheld belief that most women (and, well, certain men) can only coexist peacefully for limited times and in small doses before some twisted, petty popularity power trip will ensue.

Watching it crumble is a sad thing.

FlowerPower said...

Remember when Casey claimed we tried to take down his site in order to glean sympathy from his toadies, then the leader of the "bad" site (and his personal buddy) leads a concerted effort with dozens of her friends to take down ours?

What is with the liberal mindset that makes it so okay to behave like this? What happened to morals and conscience? Doing the right thing?

Lily said...

Well, when you know that you aren't justified in your behavior, you have no other choice than to eliminate or ban those who could point out the flaws in your warped thinking. Does this work?? Sure, as long as you don't care about morals, values, ethics. As long as you get others (those who also like to justify their own sick behavior) to agree with you, you can do anything you want, no matter how disgusting and ignorant. It's worked for liberals for years.